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someone else’s rainbow

raining now, hunching into the wind

sea air spilling fresh

winds pulling ruined towers around horizons

white against grey, grey against blue, blue against indigo

shored meadows dressed in purple and yellow

on mottled rocks

an otter surfaces nearby

prize clutched defiantly sliding around a corner

clouds part enough to flash some sky

we are standing at the end of someone else’s rainbow

hunching into the wind

watching cumulus reservoirs slow rolling overhead

underfoot a treasury of the overlooked

while someone wishes

hunching into the wind



David Trudel   © 2014



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rain beats a blue song

from clouds rubbing shoulders

your smile, a sunbeam



David Trudel   © 2014



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rain in the night

louder than heartbeats


hard as raindrops slam slapping

waiting for nerves to sing

in the night

while the rain falls

in the dark

heart thumping

heart beating in time with the rain

in time with pain

in the night

when the heart is a round drum

leading a dance in the dark

truth in each beat

vibrating in rhythm with the rain in the night

louder than heartbeats marking pain

in the night

while rain falls louder than hearts can hear




David Trudel   ©  2014



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Spring Rain

Staccato drops hammer the canopy

Few reach my bush hat’s brim

Caught and splintered on broad leaved maples

Arbutus, oak and fir

A fractured umbrella of a thousand parts

While I inhale damp dust

Moistened tree spunk finally getting hosed down

After the rites of spring

The smell, sharp and soft at the same time

Inhale through nostrils diaphragm deeply

Exhale from mouth sharing breath with a living web

I stride through green tunnels

Where waves of foliage curl trails into lightpipes

Up to hilltop meadows

Horizons to explore

Reading weather signs in leadening clouds

While rumbling thunder punches a black eye

Into the sunset

Shards of lightning sparkle like lost sequins

Catching a tomorrow light

Rain easing, I return

David Trudel   © 2013

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If you create a riverbed        IMG_1615

Called trail


Wait long enough

Water arrives


Trail transforms into stream













Air saturated with moisture      IMG_1618

Thick Pacific raindrops

Hammer winter’s tattered canopy

IMG_1622   Drops build on each leaf







For the tipping point


Swept along   IMG_1625

This woodland watercourse

Flows freely

But not deeply

IMG_1628    I puddleponder

   Think of the relationship

   Between trees




Sunk in thought   IMG_1627

Once again

Words well up

With each reflection



David Trudel  © 2013

Images by the author

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Rainbow skies

Splash some vibrancy in slategrey clouds

Moments of rainscour broken by brilliant arrow shafts

Light twists

Turns hard as diamonds

Then dials the burnish down

To dull

Spectrum fades to memory

As clouds close ranks

Promises of golden payouts

Disappear with a faint shimmer

And rain returns again


David Trudel   © 2012




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Summer dusted glaze

Slurrystreams down the path

Washing dust

Broken leaves

A few faded hopes


Memories of heat


Raindrops crash all around

Few managing the full descent to the trail

Canopied by the exhaltation of the forest

Branches stretched in supplication



Hat topped and impervious

Striding stewardly

Through shadows

And the falling leaves

At peace

In this dark landscape

Realizing this gift of safety in the night




Is rare, so very rare

So deserving of my delight

Nightsmiling I ascend hilltop high

Watch the glow of the city

Spread out below in shrouded glory


This uncommon beauty

Of a rainswept night


David Trudel  ©  2012








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