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someone else’s rainbow

raining now, hunching into the wind

sea air spilling fresh

winds pulling ruined towers around horizons

white against grey, grey against blue, blue against indigo

shored meadows dressed in purple and yellow

on mottled rocks

an otter surfaces nearby

prize clutched defiantly sliding around a corner

clouds part enough to flash some sky

we are standing at the end of someone else’s rainbow

hunching into the wind

watching cumulus reservoirs slow rolling overhead

underfoot a treasury of the overlooked

while someone wishes

hunching into the wind



David Trudel   © 2014



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Rainbow skies

Splash some vibrancy in slategrey clouds

Moments of rainscour broken by brilliant arrow shafts

Light twists

Turns hard as diamonds

Then dials the burnish down

To dull

Spectrum fades to memory

As clouds close ranks

Promises of golden payouts

Disappear with a faint shimmer

And rain returns again


David Trudel   © 2012




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