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No Saturnalia for me, this hinged moment

Fringed with nostalgia

Hollowed by regret

The cold flagstones of vaulted transepts

Cool any thoughts of libidinous excess

While ethereal voices march in measured unison

Through scented air

Chaliced genuflections rumble the room

In the midst of chaos

Of doomed cries

Rivers of tears

We seek the comfort of redemptive ceremony

Even if it’s only half as much as we need

It’s a step

Forward, in the right direction

And in this muffled peace

I find a place to dream my prayer

And release it

To the heavens


David Trudel  ©  2012



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Scotch Mist

We called it scotch mist

Lightly falling rain

On dimlit days

Pewtered skies leaking wisps of fog

Dampening forest symphonies


Chillwinds crawl puckeringly slow

Up arms

Over shoulders

Settling with icethuds

Beneath my clothes

Screaming me into now





Chill winds and autumn mists

Scour me clean

Remove heldfast past

Start again


Become supplicant to skies

Searching for benediction




Seeking purification

Without ceremony

Intervention not required

My ear

Close enough to ground



David Trudel   ©  2012




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Redemption song

So poignant

Post diagnosis

Yet defiant to the end

Songs of freedom


Every season’s turn

New players take their turn

Defiant to the end


Then they learn the burn

That came with what they earned


Redemption song

Emancipating minds enslaved

Long past

Severing iron chains

It is only in the mind

Where you can find your way

If not, you’ll be a slave

Regardless of what you’ve said

Unless you use it

Unless you prove it

To those songs of freedom



David Trudel    © 2012



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