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A Toast to Regret

This is for the thought that slipped away

And for the words that crumbled at my touch

This is for the feeling that couldn’t be expressed

Elusive into bitterness

This is for the love that didn’t stay

The love that didn’t bother to unpack

But left without a backwards glance

This is for the pain that never fades

The chronic longing of the unrequited many

This is for the false starts and might have beens

The unrealized potential of the never was

But should have been

This is for the anger that flared up

Burning bridges across deepening divides

This is for the smoldering resentment that hangs around unwanted

Homeless but camped out at my front door

This is for the time I should have called but didn’t

This is for the weakness I nurture and carry with me

This is for the look that ended with a turn away instead of towards

This is for the rapids never run

Mountains never climbed or just because

All the things I didn’t do but should have

And those I did but shouldn’t have

But mostly I regret not loving you



David Trudel  © 2013




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Graveyard of Dreams

I mourn the passing

Of the unchosen future

Regretting deviations from sacred path

Transforming transcendence to mere radiance

I sing eulogies

For the never weres

Bury bright moments

That beckoned warmly

Spurned dreams

Upset by harsh stark

Responsibilities and fears

I mourn the passing

Of unchosen futures

Unraveling quantum joy

In the graveyard of dreams



David Trudel  ©  2012



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