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it’s insistent

with that fucking click click


bothers me

but what the

oh yeah

other shit to worry about

big stuff

like the fate of the world

click click

like transcendence into

some paranormal ether connected to




shuttling between now

and then

between possibilities


between realities


quantum leaps

quantum French kisses into


somewhere else





where your mind plays as lightly as your fingers

on me


where I play


on your spine


licking time

into submission


one more time


David Trudel      ©  2013

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It isn’t anything personal

Or even able to be possessed

It isn’t something that’s yours or mine

Anymore than the air we breathe is

We need it constantly

But it can only be shared and released

Never hoarded

We can never take it away or shut it down

Even if we pretend we can

Our hearts might break but it never will

It abides

And flows ceaselessly like a great river

That sometimes we’re lucky enough to swim in

Or drink from

And the best we can hope for

Is that through each other we find a door

To enter into this state called love



David Trudel   ©  2013



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You have strength enough to proclaim your vulnerability

With a smile that says I’m strong enough

But only to a point

I can see scarred clearcuts behind your eyes

And feel the impact that toxic spills have left behind

So I understand the need for an emotional review

Before exposing your susceptibility to tenuous possibility

I am content with your consideration

Happy enough with the ambiguity of a slow process

Stripped down to essentials like truth and beauty

Rendered and distilled into an intoxication of promise

Called hope



David Trudel   ©  2013



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I knew you as a ghost

That’s what you seemed to be

Halfway in and halfway out

Of here, whatever this place is

On the edge of almost


But you?


You showed up in places

Now and then places


Never quite committing

To reality


Still, you haunt me


I like it


I like the frisson of ripped

I like the weird in the wonder

The wonder of what goes on

In your stewed consciousness

When you think about me


When descent meets ascent

Inside the unframed glimmer

A corner of your eye

Almost but not quite catches

An intention of possibility

Thus, friction fractions

And we are left, bereft

Of might have beens

And almost was

Gone for dreaming




David Trudel  ©  2013



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Half Smile, Squared


In the complex simplicity of a half smile

When someone assumes someone’s discussion


You plot the course of a narrative

The four winds of the ocean’l find the enigwa


That sings mystery and allure


To know you take me mulch further, first draw midnite out


Promises mutually assured seduction

In and out of the adore that May’ll bumbasheer in obsession


Hints at boredom and ennui


Buttoned onto a how about it, kind of wheel-wzz got out of what mind to observe it!


Foreshadows betrayal


It’s rush at, Like a woman the jewel is dying with


All in the moment our eyes lock


It’s top-dollar-holler high in the hands jewel and factuulum at clutch


In a loaded look between us

And say’n, hollow?


Without a single word

Cold you take me jewelries handing how its abdomen underlane our rovering hell to who out-bungee I again landing your bicupcyucle!


We know


            Too adhere at what upper-woods the take further, listen to when, at wait and said comes as me closer to the giving-eye thrust to lot the skins



David Trudel   and Dave Taylor   © 2013



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I was thinking of you on my walk

Not an uncommon pastime

But fraught with danger


But now I pre-sedate each thought

By chanting a safety mantra

Remote and unattainable

Remote and unattainable

Remote and unattainable

Before I continue thinking of you




And with a strange swirl of happy sad


Remembering fun

Creative passion fueling fires

Spinning thoughts and ideas

Bouncing words back and forth



Like some kind of Olympic sport



But going from the light of a cosmic supernova

To a compact fluorescent

Is about as appetizing as eating an elephant platter


Hold the fries and pass a fork


I’ll dim the lights and light a candle


What’s that song, can you hum a few chords?





David Trudel   © 2012



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Future Imperfect

She approaches the keyboard with trepidation

Not sure how to respond

Aware that this symphony

Is still forming under the dual hands of she

And him

Somewhere in


A nameless void

Where nothing is real and mendacity prevails


Such a touch

The caress of a message

Passing for what amounts to intimacy

In the brave new world

In this world that hurtles into the apocalypse

Singing show tunes on American Idol

While the polar ice melts

And beyond the tipping point

The abyss

And with all that

With all that, she

Hits delete



David Trudel  © 2012







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