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Haiku – June 15

Calm simplicity

Becomes a revelation

Now tranquility



David Trudel   © 2013



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I need epiphanies to blindside me

Not arriving ordered and packaged

But drenching me

Like cold water from a bucket that was carefully balanced

On top of a door that hits unexpectedly

I like getting tripped up by revelations

That come shockwrapped

Because the best truths aren’t simple or obvious

Or if they are

Its only clear after the camouflage is removed

What the truth is

I need to step on metaphorical landmines

Experience the pain of having old preconceptions ripped away

Because an epiphany should be like that

Like Saul becoming Paul on the Damascus road

There should always be some towering warrior angel

With a poised sword and the word of god on their lips

To mark moments where one truth is crucified

Then reborn as another

Before ascending into eternity



David Trudel  ©  2013




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One day I woke up

I was in the middle of it


A day full of considered beauty

Moments of revelation strung together with wistful threads

Tides of emotion that were just right for body surfing rolled over me

So I rode the breakers into the shore

Transcending the limitations of my heart’s tideline

I looked deep into eyes of others

Saw souls swimming in tears

Watched smiles ripple across rooms

Like the wind ruffling the surface of a calm lake

I was in the middle of it

Everywhere I went was a line worth noting

Each glance brought a fresh word

As easily as plucking apples

In the golden light of the garden of the Hesperides

I stood on mountaintops and leapfrogged over horizons

Breathed honeyed breath of innocents

Felt the embrace of a thousand Juliets

Mourned each passing moment like a tragic death

I was in the middle of it


I was awake



David Trudel   ©  2013




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There are those fleeting thoughts that come to you

Brilliant and timeless

Tapped in to the divine spark of creation

They flare like fireworks exploding

And you can’t turn away

So they fade

You know you had them

For an instant

Eternal and timeless revelations of truth

Ephemeral as the bubbles in a flute of champagne

And just as heady

When you try to recall

Exactitudes of complex mysteries

Collapse ensues

Choose your metaphor at this point

Of a house collapsing

Could be cards or sand

You know there’s going to be a lot of dust

Any attempt to apply pressure causes an explosion

All that’s left is the sum of the parts

But not the equation

So there is no proof

You know you had them for an instant

Revelations and truth


David Trudel   ©  2013

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There is no revelation for me today

No cosmic insight

No intercession by celestial angels

Just another breath to take

One more step along the way

And if I pause to ponder

Maybe its just prevarication

Some kind of hesitation

Or simply procrastination

Which is a specialty of mine

I readily admit to

But I’m more of a generalist

Than a high paid specialist

So maybe this lack of inspiration

Just means I need a second opinion

Because my diagnosis is ambiguous

And clouded by imprecision

Since revelations continue to unwind

Just not here, in my lonely little mind



David Trudel  ©  2013



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Cold Truth

Cold winter stars


Each sparkle a stab of frost

Into any crevice of your inadequate clothing

Incipient hypothermia but a slight discomfort


Faced with such clarity

So many points of light

Gossamer webs and shreds of nebulae

Yet all so very antique

Ancient light, a message from beginnings

You try to absorb as much as you can

Feel the star particles


Imagine what the view must be of the rest of the sky

From the other side of the planet

Cold bites your fingertips

Brings focus

Micromacro zooming through metaphysical choices

Alternative realities

Nested universes


Revelation shimmers in the night

The cold truth


David Trudel   ©  2013



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