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Sports redux

at times all that’s left

is a retreat into sports

not relevant

at all

but as primal as ancient Rome

in wired arenas

when teams coloured in

screaming adoration

or dismay

become an Australian Blue Heeler

of collective heat


pulling centrifugally

against your impulse to say


in which there is no

enough is

no safe place under the bleachers

to watch it play out

until thumbs are




David Trudel      ©   2013




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Let the games begin

Just as two thousand years ago

The roman crowds were dazzled

Bread and circuses

And we are sucker punched

We suck it all in

Forgetting missile strikes against civilians

Forgetting melting glaciers


Riders of the apocalypse

It’s pretty


We’re about as smart as a kitten

Playing with a ball of wool

Even if it’s the trademark rings

We’re dupes

But we watch it anyway

Drawn moths to watch the flames

That burn away

Consuming our humanity


Watching jingoism conspire with competition

To engender a distraction

While the world hurtles down the path



But we anticipate a good medal count

Which will trump survival

When it comes down to it


In your lazyboy, tonight

David Trudel  © 2012

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