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Ten Minutes To Eleven

At ten minutes to eleven

It is still not still


A mosquito worries its way across the screen door

Looking for a gap

As my exhalations send it into blood frenzy


A leaf drifts to earth

Odd, since it’s early summer yet

I wonder if a caterpillar has eaten it through


A child tugs at her father impatiently

He’s talking to a neighbour at the end of the driveway

Postponing some outing

Now her singsong Daddy, Daddy

Increases in volume and frustration


Six birds trade places on two trees


At ten minutes to eleven

It is still not still


A rumour of a breeze

Stirs branches randomly


A seaplane flies overhead

Its pilot intent on the descent the plane is poised to make

A passenger looks out the bubble window

Wondering at the mundane lives playing out below


While the rooster next door proclaims his sovereignty

Reassuring his hens

Ruling his dominion


Insects cry


I hear traffic humming in the distance


At ten minutes to eleven

It is still not still



David Trudel   ©  2013



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Cold and gray, the day drizzled itself awake

Turned inward

Clouds lowered the ceiling to basement height

Out in the strait a fogbank prowled like a pack of wolves

Raggedly harassing trawlers and travelers

Like me, ascending the short ladder from the lurching float

Into the seaplane’s cold cabin

Soon packed sardine tin tight with sullen suits

What shreds of sleep still lingered torn away by the roar and rattles

Of the slap happy runway race across the waves

Up into the lowering clouds which kept a lid on

Then the pack of wolves returned

To nip and heel the seaplane back to cold reality

We could have dropped a line for lunch

But with a lurch and clang we met a reef

Rising up where it shouldn’t have been but was

Hyper wakeful we watched kelp beds swirl dim greenly in the fog

While the echo of the pontoon kissing rock reverberated

Over the shock of this unexpected interruption

When flight no longer soared but saw the sea close up

Motoring like a dragonfly boat back to port

Defeated by raindrops and the mist

We shook off dreams in drizzled fear

Dodging disaster for a time

This time when the sea pulled back the leash



David Trudel     © 2013



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