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Sometimes it’s enough


To simply experience a moment

By itself

Without thinking about yesterday and tomorrow

It’s enough

To watch dusk slipping into night

As the heat of the sun radiates from the rocks

Where you stand barefoot


Just enjoying the impossible shades of bruised violet


Having found tranquility

In being unable to shoulder burdens

Things that are too heavy to lift

I am no Atlas or Sisyphus to take on the impossible

It is enough to stand on this rock

Without worrying about carrying it

And through the freedom of the unburdened

Discover peace in the eternal now of a sunset



David Trudel     ©  2013




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Haiku – May 1st

Tranquil in calmness

Unfretted and unburdened

Serenity now


David Trudel   © 2013



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Looking out from my balcony, I can see four houses in the dim light of night.  The sky is a deeply purple black velvet colur, studded with just a few stars since we are at the edge of the city’s light pollution.  Still, it’s serene and framed by the tall slender trees that punctuate the view from the hillside.  I scan for deer but don’t see any, nothing appears to be stirring, not even the neighbour’s evil cat. From this vantage I’ve seen lots of wildlife in the past, but tonight, looks like I’ll have to be content with serenity. And I am.  Content.



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