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Today is a day for small chores

Bringing water like some forgotten sky god

For my green prisoners

Next, I vacuum

Stirring the dust and detritus

Harvesting peanut shells and dust bunnies

For memories and lost thoughts

My routines are commonplace

Comforting in their normalcy

Giving me the illusion of some fragile permanence

That might stand against the intransigence of power

Forgetting that state control is as prevalent here

As it ever was in war zones and dictatorships

Where terror slams like bullets into unarmed crowds

And poetry is bloodwritten on pockmarked concrete

By the dying

Who no longer water houseplants

But bleed out their innocence on city streets



David Trudel    © 2013



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This Is Not A Poem

This is not a poem about love

Or yearning for love

This is not a poem about relationships

And all the shit that transpires between us

This is not a walk

Down memory lane

Into some childish backwater of a mind that plays tricks

This is not a poem

About social context


Interplaying like some dissonant chordal structure

This is not that kind of poem

This is a poem that hands you a towel

When you enter this room

Dims the lights

Speaks softly to you

Listens to your heart


Echoing every nuance of feeling


That moment when you look into the abyss

With more excitement than fear


This is it




David Trudel    ©  2013

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Dystopian Rant

I heard that it’s raining at the North Pole

Which seems about right these days

In this world that’s been pulled inside out

It’s getting weird and all fucked up


I don’t usually use words like that, but really

What can you say about the poles melting

About a world gone mad

Where crazy people massacre innocent victims with assault weapons

And redneck conservatives who think they’re religious

Defend their right to do so


It’s all fucked up


A nation founded on liberty and justice for all

Doing a 180

Into tightly controlled security

And arbitrary arrest and detention

While their President, who taught law at Harvard

Authorizes state sponsored assassinations instead of arrests and trials

What happened to the rule of law?


It’s all fucked up


This is a world where even the frozen hearted northern queen

Unthaws and weeps at what we’ve done

While corporations misapply copyright law to steal our genes

And declare fresh water superfluous to the common need

This is a world that spends more time

On vacuous entertainment and spectator sports

Than on education and creation

This is a world that celebrates hate and divisiveness

And calls it democracy


It’s all fucked up


The good guys never were good

Except at publicity and keeping secrets

So now they’re freaking out over the leakers

The truth tellers

And it’s like a highballing truckdriver who’s just been bit by a wasp

Swatting madly in the cab

Hurtling through the night

Towards midnight and an appointment

That I would much rather those assholes didn’t keep

But they’re the ones driving this rig

Elected officials and their corporate masters

Leading us into unmitigated disasters




So yes, I declare that it’s all fucked up

In this world of miracles

Where some of us live in paradise

But most just live in hell

And hell is coming to everyone else

In apocalyptic fury

Sweeping away what meager defenses we thought we had

On the wind or the tide

Or the turn of the screw


It’s all fucked up



David Trudel    ©  2013



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Through the Wormhole (repost)

Parallel Universe News.

In a surprise announcement this afternoon, the White House in Washington and Canada’s Prime Minister’s Office have released a joint statement acknowledging the existence of a series of programs relating to weather modification, agricultural enhancements, and large scale behavior modification.  For years, social activists have suspected the existence of such programs however even the most vociferous critics did not imagine the extent and impact of these activities, which have been running for over twenty years.  When asked about the cost of the programs, the Finance Minister would only say that the information was classified.


Each of the programs relies on upper atmospheric spraying of chemicals, biological agents, and other ingredients whose nature remains classified. Both governments claim that the weather modification program has been so successful that they have eradicated climate change.  A spokesman at the press briefing indicated that the climate was just where it should be and that no further changes will be tolerated. He went on to say that the economic interests of both countries are being well served by curtailing any further need to address climate change through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Large-scale agri-businesses are applauding the economic benefits resulting from the successful implementation of the agricultural enhancement program and an industry spokesperson praised the success of the program.  “It was getting pretty hard to spray pesticides within the old regulatory framework”, he said, adding, “This is way more efficient”.


Officials remained tight-lipped regarding the behavior modification program, except to say that it was a relatively inexpensive by-product of the weather modification program.  Officials also pointed out that the adverse health effects caused by the programs were more than offset by the economic benefit resulting from the programs and ensuring the continued prosperity of Canada and the United States.  Legislation is being introduced that limits any potential liability for the programs and which makes it illegal to sue either government regarding the programs and even imposes strict penalties for unauthorized research activities.


At the same time, a series of arrests have been made, resulting in the incarceration of several thousand critics on both sides of the border. A spokesperson said that the identification of these critics was “Quite easy, really.  These folks are nearly all on Face Book and other social media networks and made no attempt to hide or mask their identities.”  Both countries are expected to pass new legislation that limits the assembly of more than fifty persons at one time, along with a time limit of one hour per event, except for government sanctioned events that are in the best economic interests of the country.


In a related story, it has since been revealed that the Republican Party in the United States, and the Conservative Party in Canada have been given exclusive access to the antidote to the Mass Stultification drug, developed as a P3 initiative between the US and Canadian Military forces, and a consortium of private sector interests from the pharmaceutical and bio-chemical sectors. The administration has announced the successful conclusion of the war on drugs, since the entire population of North America will now be administered the powerful new stultification drug by the overhead spraying program. The drug has been clinically proven to completely nullify any other pre-existing addictions or cravings for mood altering substances. It also reduces curiosity to “acceptable” levels, suppresses libido and reduces aggression, particularly in young males. The antidote will be available through the state sanctioned political parties to members who sign the Submission to Moral and Other Authority Agreement.


David Trudel  ©2012


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I have worn team colours in the past

Becoming cloaked in corporate identity

Giving away autonomy for crowd acceptance

Fitting in

Becoming a proxy for a marketing strategy

Where boardroom fictions based on superficial studies into buying habits

Create reality

Reality that echoes the worst excesses of selfish greed

When textiles were made with the blood of children mixed into cotton gins

And even Factory Acts failed to halt the exploitation of the poor

We thought we were better than our forebears

In our industrial self-righteousness

When union shops paid living wages

And workers could afford the products they made

Until the owners closed the factories

Shipped them overseas

Replicated the conditions of early 19th century Manchester

In countries far away

Countries that have no qualms about spilling blood

In support of commerce

So that marginalized westerners who no longer have factory jobs

Can afford cheap clothes at big box stores

Ignorant of the bloody fingerprints that are sewn into each label

Uncaring that everyday low prices reflect everyday absent ethics

And a high tolerance for suffering

So we buy products we don’t really need

Made in places that we’ll never see by fingers that we’ll never touch

Not caring that those fingers lie buried in rubble

Crushed by profit margins and unleavened greed

Victimized by the impersonal message of capitalism

That values money more than morality

And quarterly earnings more than souls



David Trudel   © 2013




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The unintended consequences of civilization spill out into reality

Setting up the anthropocalypse which looms over our future

Ironically, civilization was seen as the planet’s healer

Carefully shepherding nature into something new and improved

Giving proof, we thought, of our superiority

Validating our entitlement to have dominion over everything else

But it seems like the patient is suffering iatrogenesis

Taken ill with the flesh eating disease of runaway capitalism

Starving on empty calories while becoming morbidly obese

We drain our aquifers to water golf courses in the desert

Cut down rainforests to factory farm cattle for fast food burgers

Building monuments to consumption like oceanic garbage gyres

Blindly buying crap we don’t need made by slaves we don’t see

We live on borrowed credit in houses which are bigger than we need

While others shelter in improvised shacks

Or get swallowed up into prisons to be drafted into gangs

We poison the water, the land and the air

And wonder why things aren’t the same anymore

We let democracy fade away through apathy

As corporate plutocracy takes control

Instead of rising up and declaring our own sovereignty

We sit back and watch performers pretend that life is good

We amuse ourselves vicariously and identify with illusions

Through inaction we turn ourselves into ghosts who scare nobody but ourselves

As civilization sickens into the decadence of the dying

Infected by fear and paralyzed by our lack of vision



David Trudel  ©  2013



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