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Local cable show features Spoken Word

A couple of weeks ago, the local cable channel sent a camera to the Solstice Café to catch Spoken Word in action.  It’s a nice piece and I manage to get a word in, briefly.  Here’s the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=33ggDMstBwE

If the link doesn’t work, try searching for “Tongues of Fire – Shaw TV Victoria” on YouTube.



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It was another evening of dynamic spoken word at the Solstice Café.  The Vic Slam crew was in fine form and really showcased a range of talents.  There were a few new faces in the crowd and so, while waiting for the performances to begin we talked about TS Eliot and Shakespeare and freestyling and Slam. Then the Slam begins, tonight its seven poets, over two rounds. I won’t attempt to describe them all but they all were great.  Some read, some performed from memory.  Some poets incorporated a lot of movement and theatricality and there were a lot of really touching moments throughout the night.  It was, as usual, loud and boisterous and full of energy.  The applause and table thumping and heckling rolled along, punctuating each golden word. Extremely private thoughts and moments laid bare before everyone, no holds barred, no intimacy too sacred to be revealed, no shadow too dark to be hit with a spotlight. Another evening of poetic hi-test; jet fueled words that lift my mind into orbit.

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This Line Live

Use this link to see and hear me performing This Line a couple of weeks ago.

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