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Sports redux

at times all that’s left

is a retreat into sports

not relevant

at all

but as primal as ancient Rome

in wired arenas

when teams coloured in

screaming adoration

or dismay

become an Australian Blue Heeler

of collective heat


pulling centrifugally

against your impulse to say


in which there is no

enough is

no safe place under the bleachers

to watch it play out

until thumbs are




David Trudel      ©   2013




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Team sports

Televised and professionalized

Block voting


Patriotism to the extreme

Allegiance, the scariest word ever




In Rome the factions were divided by color

For chariots

Or gladiators

And tangled in webs of corruption

Palatine Hill politics being as venal and sexualized then

As today


But what it comes down to

Is a great distraction

Emotional attachments to essentially nothing more than displays of uncommon skill


Microsecond reactions

Which help us forget the reign of terror


Lurking outside

At the gates

Which have started to shudder


David Trudel  ©  2013



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