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Ra, the sun god, is electro-magnetically bi-polar

Which accounts for the extreme flares and solar storms

Although I wouldn’t be surprised at an additional diagnosis

Of multiple personality disorder, given the hieroglyphics


Every eleven years or so the polarity reverses

Flipping old Ra upside down

We are in the middle of one such reversal

The sun’s electro-magnetic north pole has already flipped

The south should follow in a few months


I wonder if the current uni-polar state is calming

Or just unsettling

Leaving the solar system nervously unbalanced

Pirouetting on one leg

Unable to take a bow for now

Exploding in fiery creation



David Trudel       ©   2013




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Photon Thoughts

Synapses fire

Snapping off rapid fire shots of random thoughts

Which ricochet off walled up mindguards

Some of them

Broken up into fragments

Or buried in the dark void of forgetfulness

Some lonely few coalesce into ideas

Which may or may not require actions

Like expressions

Some kind of release

Some kind of ejection

Like photons traversing the interior of the sun

Then bursting from the surface to flare into eternity

A few slamming into earth just eight minutes later

Small wonder they burn

With the rage of interrupted space voyagers

Deprived of further shores



David Trudel  ©  2013



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