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Listening to a Rocksong

Groundstanding, soles of my feet making a connection

To this bedrock nub

Slow murmured, the rock sings a grinding song

Remembering the crush of icesheets that tore and tumbled


Deeper still, contrapuntally

Groans a deep murmur of the drift

Rock saga of the grand voyage

Sliding and lurching from the equator to Canada’s west coast

For 380 million years


Even deeper, this rock remembers the hot cauldron of explosion

Heat of becoming that danced lightning in radiant intensity

When this rock reverberates that long lost tune

It remembers the immediacy of fast

High intensity vibrations and collisions that spiraled into infinity


Underneath those rhythms is another

Creation’s splendid release that uncoiled it all

Sacred music written across the sky

And inside every molecule of every thing

Echoing just outside our hearing

So big and so loud




David Trudel   © 2013



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Sandwiched between earthquakes and hurricanes

My tranquility remains unshaken

Apparently unstirred

Untouched by tectonic shifts

Unmoved by perfect storms

But that’s just the external

Local weather



It’s all rocks and hard places

With precious little room between

Lavaflows mark the passage of the eruptions of my emotions

Turbulent winds have uprooted old growth forests of thoughts

Today it’s calm, though

When I balance just right

Almost serene


David Trudel    ©  2012



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