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it was like drip





pulling tree essence

good intentions


down there


it was like respirations

of the Pacific

travelled in and out




concentrated into


water of forever

healed into clear drops


washed absolution

reconnected to a fresh return

of my own fluidity

eroding rock walls






not a virtue

but necessary

as rain washes upper stories

into lower

drop by drop

changed by intentions

like I want to reach the sky


I express gratitude

causing molecular reconfiguration

I send a wave of prayers

into forever


I feel the forest upswell

meet water, wondered into magic

from formless transform

to magnificent

in time for just now


a wave has me tumbled

or a wave has tumbled

through this forest

to drown me



David Trudel  © 2014






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One day I woke up

I was in the middle of it


A day full of considered beauty

Moments of revelation strung together with wistful threads

Tides of emotion that were just right for body surfing rolled over me

So I rode the breakers into the shore

Transcending the limitations of my heart’s tideline

I looked deep into eyes of others

Saw souls swimming in tears

Watched smiles ripple across rooms

Like the wind ruffling the surface of a calm lake

I was in the middle of it

Everywhere I went was a line worth noting

Each glance brought a fresh word

As easily as plucking apples

In the golden light of the garden of the Hesperides

I stood on mountaintops and leapfrogged over horizons

Breathed honeyed breath of innocents

Felt the embrace of a thousand Juliets

Mourned each passing moment like a tragic death

I was in the middle of it


I was awake



David Trudel   ©  2013




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Slipping into and out of this dream


Where reality bleeds into fantasy

Like fog on the water when the margins disappear

Gray on gray

My consciousness is that ambiguous

In this non-moment

One drop that neither falls nor ascends

Holding the promise of the universe

An ocean within a realization

Waiting for gravity or perhaps evaporation

For a moment of transcendence

From discretion to completion

From point to pointless

To oneness with everything

In this stateless dream

Where the margins disappear

Along with the horizons

And there is no other place to look

Except within


David Trudel   ©  2013




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We each have an inherent potential

Within us

Beyond us

Among us


To transcend this pinprick yelp of our brief lives

In so doing, dissolve into a rippling field

Become a wave

Not a singular place on the wave

But the wave itself



Losing sense of self



Jumping past

All earthbound limitations

Just like the shamans and mystics

Of the past foretold


Imagination holds the key

To fire neural passageways

To missing synapses

Forgotten genes


Cosmic mysteries


Through this wisdom now revealed

Vibrate on waves

Of distant starlight

Crossing time across the night

Just disembodied thoughts

Transcending timebound physicality


Or is this is just an errant thought?


Are we shackled here and now

To this cruel paradigm

Of accepted thought and shared belief


In cause


                   & Evidence

Firmly anchored on the ground

No chance ever

Of soul’s release


Or do intuition and the heart

Hold sway?


David Trudel  © 2012



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