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Welcome Poems

The Victoria Spoken Word Festival takes place this week and I’m doing some volunteer driving, picking up out-of-town poets at the airport and the ferry and driving them to where they need to go.  I mentioned this to a friend of mine and they asked if I would be writing them welcome poems.  I hadn’t thought of it before but decided to do just that.  I made signs for each one, using paper plates, with the poet’s name on one side and one of the poems on the other.  Most of the festival takes place at the Intrepid Theatre here in Victoria. I was little unsure about how they’d be received but the response has been very good, from everyone involved in the festival.


Word Dancer

Word dancer take flight

Grand jete across the stage

Or tango close to explicit

We will follow your lead




The power of words isn’t fully realized

Until you breathe life into them

Static page bound words are nailed in place

Speak them to set them free



Between fear and fearlessness

Are universes of untold stories

In the margins between dark and light

Consciousness carves a trail


Paper Boats

Float words like paper boats

Made from yesterday’s newspaper

Stories that carried marvelwords carried away

Gutterbound into a new memory


David Trudel  ©  2013


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