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there were years when

climbing trees

was it

branch to branch

above it all

puzzling my way

to where birds felt at home

every tree I saw

assessed for climbability

testing assumptions

I became acquainted with bark

moss, lichens

and the emptiness of the sky

waiting for a sharp crack

of lightning



David Trudel     © 2013




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pressed against nothing

the gull balances its soaring inclination

with the inevitability of gravity

holding onto a fixed moment

perched on wind

comfortably as on a branch

then tips forward


into motion



David Trudel       ©  2013



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on the trail

driving hoofbeats canter into my ears

reined in as horse and rider approach

the horse an Appaloosa

flanks rust splattered

warrior strong and graceful

dancing a pas de deux

on the home stretch


an older couple

so comfortable together

their wrinkles match


silent pulls

slice greychop

as rowers dart dragonfly quick

buoy to buoy


runners gliding loose

gravity a step away from disappearing

and joggers slog

each step a time punch


dogs walking their humans


through muddy trails


pairs sunk in earnest conversations pass

revealing fragments of betrayals

littering the path with scuffed passion



David Trudel      ©  2013



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In the thin heat of late summer

Every picnic is bittersweet

As leaves bleed green and turn to rust

July’s refreshing breeze

Is now a portent of autumn storms

Flights of birds climb airstairs

Chanting their exit visas

Winging it

Still, the day holds heat enough

To shorewalk barefoot

Letting gentle tides kiss your toes

With the languor of a late afternoon lover

Satiated with passion

But not with affection



David Trudel    ©  2013



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An eagle soared overhead

Juvenile, not yet crowned white

I whistled

It circled

I noticed a couple of missing feathers

Another one soared above

Thermal riding on the hill’s upswell

They slid away on the wind

Riding above it all

Leaving me




David Trudel    ©  2013



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Plato’s Horses

The horses were gathered around the tree

Like points on a star


Facing the tree trunk as if it was some equine oracle

Dispensing beneficent predictions

Or serving up sugar cubes

Of course I knew it was just the only shade in the field

But they looked like long-maned sages

Giving and receiving philosophical insights

In the shade of a tree instead of a cave



David Trudel   ©  2013



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This time of year I carry clippers when I walk the trails

Green explosions create havoc

With sprawling tendrils encroaching on crushed gravel paths

Branches shaking hands overhead

To make arched tunnels

That I trim judiciously to bikini line smoothness

I watch for outliers and beachhead seekers

Clipping as I walk through an eruption of spring growth

Liking the rough margins

Blurred edges

That dog this trail

Kept in check by clipped edits and marginal notations



David Trudel   ©  2013



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An unseasonal preview of summer has accelerated growth

Into greenfloods of underbrush

Tendrils leaping across trails with exponential growth

Which I clip as I walk along judiciously editing trail margins

Woodpeckers rattletap deadwood

Hoovering up invertebrates

With the enthusiasm of teenagers eating potato chips an hour before dinner


Bracken ferns appear full grown overnight

When I see them I remember how we’d pull them up

Strip the fronds to create spears

Then engage in pseudo wars of childhood play

Or lurk along the edge of the road to ambush passing cars

Until the time that truck stopped

Backed up

After being hit with our meager broadside

I had rarely seen someone so angry before

That anger directed at me and my friend Chris

It hit us like the punch that vein popped, redfaced truck driver would have thrown

If we hadn’t sprinted into the forest surging ahead adrenalin charged

To vanish safely in the greenswarm of spring memories


Yesterday’s spring green luster has faded on the parched hilltop here

Purple and yellow wildflowers have gone from prime to seed too soon

Summer drabs replacing verdant easter bonnets

Khaki shorts instead of jeans

In the distance Mount Baker has started to show his ribs

Melting away winter’s extra layer

I read the smudged horizon to plot mainland cities spilling skycrap

Like wild beasts marking their territory

So I turn into the prevailing offshore breeze

To breathe the scent of tomorrow



David Trudel  © 2013











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Spring Day

It wasn’t tentative at all

This spring day

It didn’t brush your lips with a delicate promise

It french kissed you and grabbed your ass

Slipped a naked leg around yours

To send you sprawling onto the mossy carpet

Where you might have noticed butterflies and flowers

If you weren’t already distracted

On this spring day

David Trudel  © 2013

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Squeaks and whistles, twills and tweets

Surround the damp forest as it towels off

From a spring cliché

I have to smile at the thought

That these wrens, finches, sparrows

The whole avian population in fact

Are all that’s left of the dinosaurs

With their trumpets and bellows of shock and awe

Maybe you can imagine the surprise

A reincarnated dinosaur must feel

Coming back as a bird

After all those hundreds and hundreds of recycled soul experiences

Dinosaurs being around for ages after all

There were probably some pretty strong old souls

Travelling that destiny from fierce predation to some version of wisdom

But even the Dalai Lama of dinosaurs would be a little shaken

Reawakened as a feathered sprite

Darting from branch to leaf

The only thing large left to cling to is birdsong

Filling the space that once contained such majesty



David Trudel  © 2013




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