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IMG_0078There are forests in puddles

In the forest when it rains


If you resonate inside reflections

Slipping past surfaces to inside out


Find a perfect oblique angle

Jump with intention


You’ll fall into the sky

Of the upside down


If it turns out you don’t

Splashing in puddles is always fun



David Trudel     ©  2013

Image by the author, taken with an iPhone 5



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Each discovery

Each peeled back layer of tear inducing

Onion skin wrapping

Surprises me

And yet not really

Since it all feels so




Yet different

In a mixed up

Crazy kind of way


Esoteric interests

Growing like the weeds between the paving stones

Of our acculturated minds

Commitments, the mortar holding us in place

Moments of revelation

And release

As we dance across

This coldlit room

No touching here

Strictly clinical approaches

But through my craft and blameless art

(Never sullen)

I have contrived through artifice and rank desire

A place for Eros to conspire


So we do

Conspire and inflame

Discover thoughts we thought were lost

Discover feelings never named


And as the onion sharpens tongue and drives the tear

That tracks my cheek

I feel you so near

Through time and space’s equilibrium

So a wormhole

Must appear

To send you on your way to me



David Trudel    ©  2012


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